When using a WordPress theme for your business website, you must pay attention to the theme or template. The review should not only consider the external look and functions, it should also see how it is coded. When using a WordPress theme for a business website such as a San Diego locksmith services & Chula Vista locksmith services offering services to the local community or a landscaping company  or a photographer.

1. Does it load fast?
You can check if the website theme for your local business is loading fast enough to retain customers. Try using Google website speed testing tool. Just Google for the link. It will provide you a treasure trove of information on how to make your website fast.

2. HTML5 & CSS
Does your WP theme use HTML5? It is the modern version of the old HTML which is used to render webpages in web browsers. It is better suited for modern web as it provides information nuggets for various bots and search engines that rule the Internet.

3. Microdata
All websites must incorporate information about the business, address, opening hours, services, pricing, reviews, etc. via microdata tags or small snippets of code under the hood that shares lots of information with Google and other search platforms. For example, a locksmith website should have the name of the locksmith company, address of the shop, hours of work, service area served and more.

4. Spam check for contact from
The contact from on websites is often used to generate spam if the code is not perfect. For example, sending a copy of message to the email provided by user can be a source for spam. One can enter the recipient’s email and send a message using the contact from.

These are just the basic things to check when inspecting a WordPress theme for local business websites such as locksmith services and house cleaning services. More exhaustive check involves many aspects such as SEO structure, malicious code injection, images, etc.

What to look under the hood in WordPress themes?

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