Got a locksmith services business website or any other local business website? It is highly recommended that you use WordPress content management system, which is one of the most popular website platforms. It is free and can be easily installed on your own web hosting. You can easily create and manage content as well as the design.

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To make your WordPress website look good and include the desired features, you can find the right WordPress theme from themes page or buy some premium, paid theme.

What to look for when picking a template for your website?

1. Clean and professional design
Looks matter. So when you go searching for your website theme design, consider the look factor. Will it suit your business? Does it convey the same vibes.

2. Optimized for mobile devices
As mobile has become the major force, your business website must load fast and stay elegant, useful even on smartphones.

3. Fast loading design
Do not choose a website template that is bloated with unnecessary features and loads lots of website (jquery, css) scripts that is not required.

4. Prominent display of contact info
A website template for small business websites must show the phone number prominently. It is a feature that cannot be ignored. Your business number must be added at the top, in the header of the website. We want the phone number visible with the need to search for it.

5. Clickable phone numbers
As people will often visit your website using a phone, it makes perfect sense to add a link that initiates a phone call. Why make our prospective customers copy the number when they can call us with just tap on a link or icon?

6. Functional contact from
All websites must have a fully functional online contact from that users can fill to reach you. Your contact from should be displayed in clearly visible, distinct box. The input fields should also be intuitive to use.

These are the most basic things when looking for a website template for your locksmith or local business. Need any further help. Get in touch!

Picking the best WordPress theme for your locksmith business website

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