Got a business website that is fit for the stone age of the internet? If your business website for services such as locksmith, plumbing, landscape, cleaning, home improvements was created a few years ago, it was designed for the desktop computer screen.

Everyone is on the go and uses smartphones to access the Internet. These small devices have a smaller screen and need more better features such as the ability to call a number with one tap/click.

Phone website responsive

Websites must be responsive, or react to the screen size and fit all the content within the space elegantly.

How to make your website responsive?

1. Hire a web designer who is familiar with the needs of small business websites such as a locksmith service website. It has a cost attached, but think of it as an investment. Do you feel happy if your store or shop is untidy with worn out furnishings? Your website is your online business shop.

2. Learn HTML5 & CSS
Search for some useful tutorials online and learn ABCs of basic web development. It will require some time, but you should be able to grasp the basics soon. Once you are ready, get your business website made yourself online.

3. Learn how to install & use WordPress
WordPress is a content management system, or website creation platform. It is one of the easiest platforms to create your website. Use any free or premium WordPress theme that is designed for small businesses. Just go to to learn everything.

4. Add a click to call button

These are just the basic steps to make your website responsive. Keep in mind to use web optimized images with small file size. Keep your website nice and clean.

Making your business website responsive

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